Submitting files as responses on Education Perfect

When working through a Task or Assessment on Education Perfect, you may be asked to submit a file as an answer. This could be a video, image, audio or text. This article outlines which file types and sizes are accepted on EP.

Supported File Types

First, ensure your file is in an accepted format. You can upload your work in any format listed below, as long as it is below the maximum file size.

Format Supported Types Max file size
Image .bmp.jpg.gif, and .png.
Video .mov.mp4,  and .m4v.
Audio .mp3, .m4a and .wav.
Documents All Microsoft Office file types, All Apple iWork file types, .pdf;, .txt;, .odt, .rtf, .latex, .wpd, and .wps 10MB

You can also submit responses directly from your Google Drive

Submitting a response

To submit your file during a Task or Assessment you can drag and drop from your computer, or click Pick file to open the file finder. 

Once you have chosen your file, it will upload and be shown to you once it's ready. You can remove your file and re-upload it if you need to.

Make sure you  wait until the file is fully uploaded before moving on, to ensure the file is fully submitted.

Once the file has fully uploaded, click Self-Mark Answer and then Got it to finish submitting your response and move on.

If you have any trouble uploading your file, chat with your teacher about submitting your response through another method.

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