Safety tips for Education Perfect

Just like any other online activity, it is important to keep your Education Perfect account secure.

It is important to ensure that no one else has access to your Education Perfect account. Securing your account will protect you from malicious activity such as using up Cheer Credits or leaving offensive feedback.

Cheer credits cannot be retrieved once they have been spent. If you believe someone has accessed your account, please take the following precautions to stop this from happening again.

Update your password

When you first log into your account you will be able to update to a custom password. This will make your account more secure.

New password dialogue

It is also recommended that you change your password regularly. Do not share your password with other students.

For instructions on how to update your password, you can follow the instructions in our help guide here.

Don't leave your device unattended

Do not leave your device unattended while you are logged into Education Perfect. 

If possible, lock your devices with a pin or password.

Log out when finished with Education Perfect

When you are finished using Education Perfect, ensure that you log out of your account. This will prevent other people from accessing your account after you.

To log out of your account, select your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen and then Log out.

Ensure your email account is secure

It is important to ensure that your email account is secure. If someone else has access to your email account, there is a risk that they will also be able to access your Education Perfect account or other accounts your email is attached to. 

You can secure your email account using the password and device tips listed above.

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