How does the competition time limit work?

We love to see student taking part in Official EP events, however we also want to ensure that student maintain a healthy schedule.

For this reason, we impose an 8 hour login limit during events, after which students are unable to log until the timer resets.

How much time do students get a day? 

Students get a total of 8 hours on EP, which refreshes every 24 hours at the same time the competition began. For example, the 8 hour limit for a competition that starts at 4pm on Monday will refresh at 4pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and so on until the competition ends.

Once you've used up 8 hours, you'll see the following screen.

8 hourfs are up dialogue

What time counts?

Any time spent actively doing work (reading and answering questions) will count towards the 8 hour total. 

Time spent reviewing peers' answers in Peer Review, browsing lists, completing assessments or sitting on the dashboard doesn't count against your time limit.

As a rule of thumb, using any section of the website that has a timer (provided it hasn't been hidden by you or your teacher), will count toward your total. 


Q: What if I'm working on a subject that's not included in the competition I'm currently competing in - will that still count toward my 8 hours?
A: Yes.

Q: What if I log in and leave my computer overnight?
A: Any idle time not spent doing work will not count toward your 8 hours unless you leave the page open in a lesson where the timer is counting. 

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