What's the difference between competition scores and full-year score?

A student's full-year score is the total amount of points they've accumulated during the year. The competition score is specifically the amount of points achieved by a student during a competition by completing content relevant to the competition.

Full-year score

A full-year score is accumulated from completing content (e.g. tasks and assessments) across all subjects. Students can see their full-year score by logging in, and going into the student zone. The full-year score is visible in the top right corner. 

For full details on how to earn points, check out how does the points/scoring system work.

Competition score

Students can see their score for a competition by going to the Student Zone and clicking on Competitions in the top bar. Their competition score will appear right next to the name of the competition.

Competitions tab in student zone

Why is my competition score increasing more than my full year score?

If a student has already earned a point from a given question prior to the competition, they will have to wait a certain amount of time before they can get another point for their full year score. However, as the competition is in Revision Mode, they will be able to earn a point for the competition score immediately.

If a student completes a translation for the first time ever during a competition, they will get a full year point and a competition point. If they've already earned all of the available points for that translation before the competition, and they complete it during the competition, they will only earn the competition point. 

For more information on this, check out our guide on point scoring: How does the points/scoring system work?

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