How can students see the work they've done?

You can view what work you have completed through the Learning Record tab on your Control Panel or through the My Usage Report option.

The Learning Record

The Learning Record is an easily accessible part of the website that contains a record of all of the work you've completed. To see what you have been working on recently, select the Learning Record tab at the top of your dashboard.

From here you will be able to see all the activities that you have been working on, ordered by completion date.

Example of learning record tab from a student account

Each activity will have a range of icons. Below is a table explaining what each icon means:

Lesson A Smart Lesson that has been completed independently of a Task.

List A Translation, Spelling, or Fact List that has been completed independently of a Task.

Task A Task that has been assigned by a teacher.

Assessment An Assessment that has been assigned by a teacher.
Completion Your progress towards finishing an activity, as a percentage.

Accuracy A score for Lists/Lessons/Tasks that represents the rate at which you answered questions correctly against the total number of questions you answered.

Final Grade The final grade that you have achieved on an Assessment.
Attempts The number of attempts you had for this Assessment. Some Assessments allow multiple attempts.

When you select a Task, List, or Lesson from this section, it will open up the specific List or Lesson for you.

If you decide to resume working on a Task after it has closed, this will not improve your progress for this Task. However, it will improve your overall progress for the specific List or Lesson.

Lesson progress example from a student account

Lesson progress from a student account example

When you select an Assessment from this section, it will show you some more details for the finished assessment. From here you will be able to see the time that was allotted for the assessment and the exact time and date it was finished. To view a breakdown of your marks, you can select View Marks.

View marks button when viewing an exam you've sat

Usage Report

When you log in to Education Perfect, select My Usage Report from the menu on the left-hand side of the Student Zone.

If necessary, you can filter the data you're seeing by subject and time period.

Filtering options within the usage report

The Subject Breakdown section will show you how many tasks, assessments, or lessons you have been assigned or attempted for each of your subjects. It will also show you the time you have spent on each subject.

Subject breakdown example in student report

The Tasks and Assessments sections display the work you've been assigned, the time range it was open for, and some data on your results.

Tasks breakdown for student usage report

Viewing Previous Answers

The Recent Activity section will show you the most recent lists and lessons that you have been working on, the time frame in which you completed them, and the time you spent on them. You can click on the name of a list or lesson to see more detail on the work you did.

Accessing previous activity in the student report

Here you will be able to see a summary of each question including how many times you have answered it and the accuracy at which you answered it correctly. 

Summary of answers for a specific lesson

You can click on View Question or View Mistakes to view the question and what answers you have given for it.

Viewing answers and mistakes in a lesson you've completed

When viewing a specific lesson you are also able to review and update your feedback on the lesson.

Feedback given from a lesson previously completed

You will also be able to see a more detailed review of when you completed this lesson.

Timeframe log when lesson was completed

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