Competition scoreboards

While competitions are in place, you can use the Student Dashboard to see how the achievements of you, your class, and your school measure up compared to the other competitors. 

Log in and navigate to the Competitions tab, where you'll see all current and upcoming competitions.

Click on the desired competition to be taken to the competition overview page.

To find competitions you have previously competed in, navigate to the Learning Record tab and use the relevant filters to find the event.

From the overview page, you'll see the number of points and awards you have achieved. To view the full scoreboard, select Global Scoreboard and a new window will automatically open. 

Note that this scoreboard is currently unavailable to users in Canada.

How to view the full scoreboard

The Scoreboard

The scoreboard shows you an overview of your progress so far, alongside any competition descriptions.

Scroll down to view results, and use the filters in the scoreboard to adjust your view.

If you want to see how someone in particular ranks, you'll need to type their username in the Search by username box.

How to check someone’s rank by typing their username in the “Search by username” box

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