How to reset lesson progress for revision

Students can reset Smart Lessons by loading the lesson in the Student Zone, and clicking the Reset button at the bottom of the screen.

Resetting Smart Lesson progress won't remove points, in fact, students can earn additional points by revising lessons. See our full points guide for more info.

The ability to reset a lesson depends on the type of content it is. You can check by looking at the lesson tile:


To reset a lesson, navigate to your chosen lesson and click into it. Click Reset in the bottom right corner.

Reset button in a Smart Lesson from a student account

Click Reset again when prompted, and you're all done! You can start working on the lesson from the beginning.

Tasks & Assessments

If the work you wish to revise was completed as part of an assigned Task or Assessment, you'll be unable to reset it.

Instead, you'll need to locate and access it lesson through the subject library.

If you are unable to locate the lesson in your subject library, you should speak to your teacher about accessing it again.


You can't reset lists, but you can go back to them and re-complete them as many times as you like.

You can keep working on lists even if no points are available.

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