How can students create or edit a translation list from the Student Zone?

Students can create and edit Translation Lists through their accounts. This allows them to create personalised lists to master their vocabulary

New Translation Lists

Start by clicking your name in the top corner, and select My Usage Report.

Within the screen that opens, click the Content tab, and use the drop down at the top of the page to switch between different languages.

In the Create new menu, click Translation List to open the list builder screen. 

Here you have several options:

  • Build: create your lesson from scratch, entering your words and their English translations.
  • Import from another list: Use this option to add words that already exist in other lists (as many or as few as you'd like). 
  • Import from spreadsheet: This option lets you import a list from an existing spreadsheet that you have on your computer.

Give your list a name by clicking and editing the New List title, then click Save.

Options when building a list

That's it! Now when you browse content for that subject in the Student Zone, the lists in your My Content folder will be available for you to work on.

You'll find that you can also create lists from within the Student Dashboard when browsing content. This only shows up in folders that have existing list-type content but can be a great shortcut.

Editing an existing Translation List

Choose a subject from your dashboard, then click Browse all content.

browse all content button

Navigate to your chosen list, and click on it. From here, select the Edit a copy button and you'll be taken to an edit screen that allows you to add and remove vocabulary from a copy of this list. 

edit a copy button

You will not be able to edit the ~All Content~ lists, as this is automatically generated from all other lists. 

Adding or removing words or phrases

Simply click on the words or phrases that you want in your new list, and select  Add or the Enter key to add them. To remove something from the list, click it and select Remove or press the delete key. You can also select multiple pieces of vocabulary to add or remove by pressing the Shift key.


To ensure your translations are as accurate as possible, you will be given a word bank to select from rather than having to manually input each word yourself. If you are looking to add a specific word to your list, you can use the search function to quickly find it from the list of vocabulary available. 

To add your own definition, simply click to the right of the existing definition and start typing.

adding or removing words for a list

Renaming a list

To change the name of your list, select  Rename and select Done to confirm. 

renaming a list

Any Translation List you have created will appear at the top of the folder you selected in an area titled My Lists.

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