How do students self-mark their work?

Self-marking can help students get a better idea of what they need to work on within a given topic.

The following section applies to both Peer Review and Extended Response questions.

When working through lessons, students will sometimes encounter Extended Response questions that require a free-form answer. This is often required by text, but can also be a voice recording, file submission, or a drawing on a scratchpad. 

Once the answer has been added and students are ready to submit, the next step is to click the Self-Mark Answer button. 

Next, students will be shown:

  • The marking criteria for the question.
  • Keywords for the expected answer.
  • An explanation and/or model answer.
  • The answer they just gave.

Not every question will include all of the above! It depends on what was set up when the lesson was created.

From here, students can use the provided details to review and improve the answer they gave.

By clicking the Improve my answer button, students are taken back to the question to edit their answers.

Once finished, they can select Got it! to continue to the next slide.

Teachers are able to see all the attempts made for a question, even if a student chooses to improve their answer.

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