Accessing your work on EP

This article explains how you can access any work that's been assigned by your teacher, or locate work to complete independently.

Through email

If your teacher has chosen to do so, you may receive an email notifying you of the work that's been assigned to you. You can click the link in these emails to be taken directly to the work you need to complete.

New task notification email example for students

Through the Student Zone

Any work that's been assigned to you will also show up in your dashboard!

Once logged in, click Tasks & Assessments at the top of the page to see anything that's assigned.

Click on the task to open it and click one of the sections to begin.

Accessing past work

The Learning Record contains all of the work you have done in the past. This is a convenient way to check on tasks or assessments that have ended. 

You can use the filters at the top of the page to narrow down the work shown by activity type, time frame and subject.


Use the Competitions page to see active competitions and as well as any that are coming up soon.

Independent work

You have access to EP's Content Library and can complete work independently for self-study if you wish.

This can be helpful if you want to extend your learning outside of what’s been assigned to them.

Click on any subject in the Home tab, and then Browse all content.

From here, browse through the available lessons and work through them in your own time.

Any work completed in this way will be shown in your Learning Record and reporting history as normal.

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