How can students view their Assessment results?

After a student has completed an Assessment and work has been marked and released, results will be made available on Education Perfect. Students will be able to see their results from their EP Student Zone.

Students can see their overall EP progress by checking out our guide.

If a student has completed an assessment, there are two ways to locate results.

  • Learning Record: Students can click into the Learning Record tab to locate the specific assessment. Results will be shown on the tile of the Assessment, and students can click on the tile to access the View Marks option. This button takes the student to the Assessment Results page.
  • Assessment Results page: Students can click their name in the top right corner of their dashboard, and then click Assessment Results. This page gives a full list of all assessments that have been completed.

Depending on the settings chosen by the teacher, full marks may or may not be available. Here’s a breakdown of the different statuses students may see:

Explanation Learning Record tab Assessment Results page
The assessment has been completed but not marked.

Check back later for results!
Pending marking dialogue Marking in progress dialogue example
Marks have been released but are provisional. Further changes are possible. Provisional result dialogue Provisional results dialogue example
Final results are now available, but full marks have been hidden. Finalised result example Final result example
Students can click the View Marks button to see a breakdown of their questions answered, and view feedback. Marks available dialogue example Marks available dialogue example

For any questions about results, students should speak to their teacher directly.

Interpreting results

If marks have been fully released, students can click View Marks to see a full assessment breakdown.

On this page, students will find their overall grade and any strengths outlined first.

Depending on the Assessment, students may have been assigned recommended tasks for further development. There'll be an option here to click Start Learning, but this Task will show up in their main dashboard as well.

Next up is the Analysis and Recommendations section. This shows results broken down by different topics. Specific recommendations can be found and accessed here too.

Lastly, the Attempts section shows results for each individual attempt (if there were more than one). Students can also click View Answers to see specific marks awarded and any comments left by teachers.

At this time, students are unable to export their answers. If required, a teacher will need to supply this.

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