Taking part in EP Competitions

EP hosts a number of official competitions throughout the year. This guide explains how you can access these competitions when they begin.

Logging in

Start by logging into your account on EP at our login page here. If you are using a handheld device, download the EP Student app and log in there.

For further instructions on logging in to EP see our guide here.

If you don’t know your login details, contact your teacher and they will be able to provide this to you.

Finding the Competition

Once you are logged in, click the Competitions tab at the top of your page. All current and upcoming competitions will be displayed here.

You’ll also see a Current Events section on your homepage, which will display any events in progress. You can click into the event here and click Compete to take part!

Competitions Tab with arrows

How to compete

Click into an event to view details, and click Compete to take part. Once you click Compete, you will be shown content that is included in the event. You can work on anything in these folder(s) to earn points.

The green Compete button will only show once the competition has started.

Live competition showing green compete button

After earning points, you can come back the next day to earn a second round of points from the same lesson(s). More information is here.

Cheer on other competitors

During the competition, you can cheer on other competitors. Do this by clicking on the megaphone icon from any of the scoreboards, or from within a lesson you are working on. See more information about sending cheers in our article here.

Checking your progress

Competition Points 

When competing, your competition score will be shown at the top of the page. Click on it to see how close you are to your next award, as well as how you are doing compared to others!

You can also see your points in other places, like on the Competition panel, and while you are completing lessons.

Competition points view

Competition points will be added to your full year score, as long as you haven’t already earned points from the content you are completing. More information about competition versus full-year scores can be found here.

Global Scoreboard

Click the Global scoreboard button to be taken to the overall scoreboard for the competition. Here you’ll see scores for everyone taking part, including other schools and classes if the event includes them.

Competition showing global scoreboard button

Important competition information

Competition rules

EP takes competition integrity very seriously. See our articles below outlining rules for competing in EP events.

Prizes and certificates 

Any prizes or certificates earned from EP events will be sent to your teacher of the relevant subject. If you are missing an award, please contact your teacher in the first instance.

Results are generally released within 72 hours of the event ending, as results must be validated by EP. Any extended wait times will be communicated in the competition scoreboard.

Not all official events have prizes and certificates! If you’re unsure, check with your teacher.

What if I can't find the competition?

  • You might not be registered! Get in touch with your teacher to check whether you and your school have been entered into the event.
  • You might be too early! The competition will show up on your dashboard within 7 days of the event start date.

Still can't locate it? Ask your teacher to contact us with the name of the event, and we'll assist further.

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